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WE PROVIDE: Surveillance Systems, Access Control, Wireless Locks, Commercial doors & frames, Infant Security & Wanderer Control, Locks, Safes & Key Control, panic/Exit Devices, Gate Operators.

As the first defense against property theft and damage, access control is the foundation for good security. The concept of access control is about letting authorized personnel in and keeping everyone else out. It seems simple enough, in theory. But there are as many access control systems and technologies as there are use cases: from straightforward deadbolts for residential properties to card readers for corporate offices to sophisticated biometric systems for high security areas. The “key” to finding the right solution is to balance the organization’s security requirements with the need for ease of use.

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Today’s CCTV equipment does much more than simply record the activity in an area. Innovative technology enables video content analysis, facial recognition and high-resolution image capture, taking video surveillance to a new level of sophistication.

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Alarm systems help protect people, property and operations against burglary and theft. By detecting intruders and producing a programmed and controlled response, an intrusion detection system can help reduce the risk of business disruption and loss. While the technology itself can vary based on application, its objectives are simple: bring peace of mind and enable rapid response to minimize loss.

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